Text Loans No Credit Check Direct Lenders

When you needed money urgently then it is very difficult to find direct lenders who may approve fast cash without going to credit check and documents verification. As per present lending policy in UK every lender is bound to go for affordability check of loan applicant. So do not believe in dubious advertisements like “No credit check loans” or “Instant approval loans” and trust only on your loan repayment capacity. If you have sufficient savings in coming months to repay the loan then you are a fit case for “text loans”.

Text Loans for Bad Credit

Text loans are short term loans whose approvals are based on current fiscal status of the applicant. Persons with bad credit history can also apply for these loans as past reasons for poor financial status may be not true as of today.

Instant Decision Payday Loans

With advancement of technology direct lender search is not a big issue. Even with your mobile phone you can get so many loan options in one click. This website Texloans1000 is providing a 100% online Approval of loan platform to loan seekers who wanted to find many direct lending sources in single search. As textloans1000 is working with 40 plus popular lenders of UK; who are well authorized by FCA and known for instant decisions of payday loans.

loans alternatives

For instant loan solutions you have to fill and submit attached form of this website, we will share your details with our panel of lenders who will react fast to your requirements. If the lender has willingness to fund you he will contact you via mobile text or email. Now you may have more than one choice to get best loan alternative.

Text Loans High Cost Loans

As you know text loans or payday loans are unsecured loans and bears high interest rates so go for these loans if you really need and also afford them. For low income group these loans may create a spiral cash trap so be careful in choosing these high cost loans.

Do not pay Extra

Payday loan regulator in UK has managed the loan market in very effective manner. Now interest rates are capped with 0.8 percent per day means £24 interest for £100 in 30 days. The maximum penalty of £15 is fixed. Under no circumstances borrower have to repay more than double the loan amount. So borrower’s interest has been safeguarded by the law of the land but still it is higher side.

High acceptance loans

Loan acceptance chances are also very meaningful in fast cash solutions so applicant should keep ready some proof regarding his past income and expenditure as well as residential and employment proof these documents will help in high acceptance loans .

Delay in repayment

Timely loan repayment is must in these high cost loans otherwise borrower may face one or all the following consequences.

Lender may impose additional £15 penalty with interest for extended period. Lender may also send borrower’s name to credit score agency to adverse credit ratings and it may result in bad credit score. Lender also has option to go for legal remedy and cost of this is to be borne by borrower only.

About us

About Text Loans 1000 As owner of this website we clear it that Textloans1000 is not a lender nor a broker but this helps the loan seekers to find lenders with which we are working. We have no role in loan approvals or rejections. For any further query or clarifications you should contact your lender only. If any user of this website opts for loan with our attached lender then we will get small amount as loan introducer.

Credit Check in Text Loans

Credit check is an integral part of loan approval process so no one can bypass it. Text loans no credit check is only slogan now and even direct lenders cannot ignore it. As told earlier that text loans are short term loans and their repayment period is very small so lender give more weight age on present financial status of borrower and past history may be ignored if borrower have sufficient evidence to prove that he is capable to repay loan in due course of time.

Basic Requirements

The basic requirement of loan application is applicant should be in regular employment for last six month and getting his salary through a bank.

Other relevant Information

Timely house rent, electric, gas bill payment also give good signal to lender that you are disciplined financial manager.

We welcome your suggestions to improve our services and for any help please visit our contact us page.

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Representative APR 1212%

Representative Example :< /b> Borrow £200 for 15 days. Total repayment of £224.00. Interest rate 292% (variable). Interest payable: £24.00. Representative APR 1212 %

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