No credit check loans

As per present regulations, every lender have to check affordability of the borrower before loan acceptance. To see clear financial image of applicant lender have to perform credit check on him. So “no credit check loans” are not possible; particularly for short term unsecured loans, like text loans .

Why some website promise for text loans no credit check?

All these are fake promises. It will take few minutes almost they check credit score in real time through online process so no need to worry for this check.

Is credit check means loan rejection?

Not at all, credit check is a routine check by the lender to assess borrowers loan repayment capacity this will be the basis for maximum loan amount that can be offered.

What is my credit rating is poor or bad?

If your monthly savings are sufficient to repay your loan and you can prove this via your bank and salary statements then bad credit has no hurdle in loan approval.

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